The greatest Counter-Strike team in background has been eliminated following the first day of the playoffs in Katowice. Virtus Pro beat Astralis 2-1 today within the quarterfinals of the Intel Extreme Experts World Championship.

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The series was a new close affair all through with both groups hitting double numbers on the scoreboard in most three maps. took their pick of Overpass to begin the series, using the young Mareks “YEKINDAR” Ga? inskis at the forefront. He experienced over 112 factors of damage for each round and a first-kill differential of +5.

Astralis had been able to reset the series rating on Train. They won their map pick 16-12 around the shoulders of reliable team play coming from all the Danes. This forced typically the series to Counter-Strike’s best map regarding deciding series, Tormento.

Both sides split the very first half, with Astralis holding the narrow 8-7 guide at halftime following their T-side. But VP fired back having an even a lot more impressive T-side. YEKINDAR came up large again having a 29-kill performance and VP claimed nine out of 12 rounds in the second half to deliver Astralis home earlier.

For Astralis, this marks their earliest exit from a CS: GO world shining at Katowice. In every prior version, including the 2019 Major, they possibly reached the semifinals or won typically the entire thing.

With regard to VP, their triumph adds another amazing result from typically the CIS region only at Katowice. Themselves, Staff Spirit, and Offrande Esports all remain in the playoffs following qualifying through typically the play-in stage. VP will face typically the lone non-CIS team remaining, Team Water, inside the semifinals down the road.

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